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A ᎤᎦᏔ is a short ᎤᏓᏡᎬ that does not contain enough information to be considered a real ᎤᏓᏡᎬ. This is primarily due to lack of attention from editors. They are generally considered to be the first step an ᎤᏓᏡᎬ takes toward being complete.

Finding ᎤᎦᏔ Edit

ᎤᎦᏔ (which currently represent an overwhelming majority of ᏣᎳᎩ ᏫᎩᏇᏗᏯ ᎤᏓᏡᎬ) usually consist of less than two paragraphs.

Tagging ᎤᎦᏔ Edit

ᎤᎦᏔ should be tagged with {{stub}}, which displays the following message:

It also places the page in Category:Stub, which is provided to make stubs easier to find.

Fixing ᎤᎦᏔ Edit

It is a doe. Whether or not to do this, though, is the decision of the editor.